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Integrated Therapeutic Massage Treatments

$70 (60 minutes) * $45 (30 minutes) * $110 (90 minutes)

 Integrated Massage is any kind of therapeutic massage that applies multiple modalities into a single session.  Resulting in a fully customized massage geared towards the client’s needs. Therefore my rates are not by modality but by time applied.



Contraindications for Massage Treatments


  • 1st Trimester of pregnancy and problem pregnancies


  • Recent Surgery


  • Large skin abrasions/rashes


  • Heart problems


  • Contagious disease


  • Phelbitis



NOTE: Drinking extra fluids are important before and after services to help eliminate toxins.


The kneading, rolling, vibration, tapping, and percussive movements of a Swedish Massage all work inward toward your heart and will stimulate your circulation. Swedish massage will hasten healing of injuries, reduce swelling, and help dissolve scar tissue adhesions.


Deep Tissue
Often integrated with other massage methods, deep-tissue work is exactly what it sounds like. Your therapist will connect to the underlying musculature and deeper connective tissue. It is an excellent remedy for chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation.

Trigger Point

Your therapist will explore painful areas on the body with fingertips, searching for sore, tender trigger points. At first, clients may feel pain, but welcome relief quickly follows. Trigger Point is effective on chronic or occasional pain in any part of the body. It treats referred patterns of sensation, such as sharp, dull aches and tingling.


Reflexology is a popular and ancient form of bodywork that flows from a Chinese tradition. It works with the incredible system of nerves and energy meridians rooted in our feet, hands, and ears by applying acupressure to points that correspond to every part, organ, and gland in the body.


PreNatal and PostNatal


Mothers-to-be can greatly benefit from pregnancy massage. Mother's emotions can be volatile while hormones are still running amok, studies indicate massage may be helpful in regulating stress and mood chemistry. It also helps ease those backaches and swollen ankles. Once the baby is born, massage can help bring mother's strained body structure and physiology back into alignment.

AVOID the following essential oils during your first trimester: Basil, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Fennel, Jasmine, Juniper, Marjoram, Myrrh, Rose, Rosemary, Sage


Hot Stone
Stones are warmed and then placed on the body, as well as used as an extension of the therapist's hands throughout the massage. The placement of the stones can be aligned with chakras, meridians, and zones according to the energy system your practitioner follows.  Stone work can easily be blended with other kinds of massage.

 SPECIAL Contraindications:   Women during pregnancy



Body Treatments

Body Detox Wraps                                                      Partial Wraps $45

Body wrapping is an INCH loss program that detoxifies, tones, and firms the skin. The inch loss achieved from body wrapping will help you to feel better and motivate most people to stick to their exercise and healthy eating habits! Continue with a series of wraps for longer lasting results.


  • Women during pregnancy
  • Recent surgery
  • Large skin abrasions/rashes
  • Heart problems
  • Menstruation


Lymph Drainage                                                          $110 (90 minutes)

The lymphatic system supports the body's immunity function and involves several organs, hundreds of lymph nodes, and a network of lymph vessels. Lymph fluid flows through these vessels and filters metabolic waste through the lymph nodes. These wastes include bacteria, dead cells, fats, fluids, proteins, and viruses.

When the lymph system works well, we feel healthy and have a strong defense against illness. When it's sluggish or blocked we can have swelling, feel tired, and be more susceptible to colds and infections.

By using very light pressures, a massage therapist can stimulate the lymph system to work more efficiently.

It's important to drink plenty of water before and after the massage session. It's possible you could feel some mild, flu-like symptoms, depending on how much strain your body has been under prior to treatment.


  • Circulatory problems
  • Major cardiac problems
  • Hemorrhage
  • Acute anuresis (absence of urination)
  • Acute infectious/inflammatory illnesses in development



Special Off-Site Treatments


Senior Massage            $35 (30 minutes)  or Special rates for care facilities

Certified through Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute, I am specifically trained in Geriatric Massage Techniques.

A lifetime of habitual movement patterns, health problems, and maybe even old injuries can take its toll on us. We start to have greater discomfort removing clothing, turning our necks while driving, and sitting for long periods of time.

The massage can be given in almost any setting including the client’s home, a hospital, or a care facility.  The massage can take place on a massage table, wheelchair, or a patient’s bed.

Down the road, as some greater infirmities like arthritis and dementia present themselves, the way will have been paved for massage to be a soothing resource. And if the time comes, massage has its place in hospice care for both patients and stressed-out families.

We cannot turn back the clock but we can slow it down a little by significantly improving the quality of life. Give the gift of massage now and watch the dividends pay off for your whole family when it counts the most. Doctor’s approval is recommended.

Some age-related conditions that are helped by massage:

• Muscular stiffness
• Arthritis
• Skin discoloration
• Respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema.

Often, the simple pleasure of human touch is invaluable in its ability to create body awareness. The overall sense of well-being often motivates seniors to improve other aspects of their lives – including diet, exercise, and general health care.


  • Phlebitis / Thrombosis
  • Open sores / rashes



Chair Massage                                                                

This is not the massage chair with the electrical cord, but a brief massage by a trained professional with you fully clothed and comfortably seated on a padded, ergonomically designed chair.

Use Chair Massage to create a relaxation zone at your office, marketing events, spa party, trade show, convention booth, employee appreciation, or other special event.  Very little space is needed. Sessions can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 30.


  • Therapeutic attention to a large number of people in a short period of time
  • Quick turn-around
  • Relatively inexpensive when compared with other employee benefits
  • Reduces absenteeism while increasing productivity
  • Soothe nerves and boost morale
  • Gives you a chance to talk with your employees in relaxed setting


  • Raises your visibility and draws a crowd
  • Provides more face time with prospective clients
  • Potential clients are more relaxed


  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Immune system booster
  • Improves circulation and flexibility
  • Less muscle pain
  • Increase energy and stamina



  • Setup fee minimum $20.00
  • $1.00 per minute per massage therapist
  • 2 hr minimum (estimates: 30 minutes each - about 4 clients  OR  10 minutes each - about 10 clients OR 15 minutes each - about 8 clients)



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