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90 minute Ashi-Thai Massage

Price: $110 ($130 Value)

Ashi-Thai is performed without any oils or creams, and requires the client to wear loose flexible clothing, allowing the therapist to stretch the client's passive body beyond its holding patterns. The client relaxes on the massage table, and will feel many gentle compressions along lines of muscle tension. With each long, slow stretch the client will feel the stress, pain and tension melt away. Ashi-Thai revitalizes the body, mind and soul leaving the client deeply centered and at peace.


60 minute Therapeutic Massage 

Price: $75

60 minutes of a fully customized massage totally designed to meet your needs. 

90 minute Therapeutic Massage 

Price: $110

The 90 minute massage is custom to meet your needs. It can be relaxation with stretching or heated stones with deep tissue movements.

Series of 4 - 60 minutes Integrated Massages
Price: $280

Integrated Massage is any kind of therapeutic massage that applies multiple modalities into a single session. The result is a fully customized massage geared towards the client’s needs.

Series of 4 - 90 minutes Integrated Massages
Price: $400

90 minute massages offers more time to relax and well as addressing therapeutic needs.

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